A Maryland and D.C. Litigation Firm

At the law offices of MarcusBonsib, LLC, our attorneys provide legal representation to individuals and organizations confronting legal proceedings in the state, federal and appellate courts of Maryland and Washington, D.C.  MarcusBonsib LLC attorneys have a broad range of experience in handling a variety of legal matters.

  • Criminal law: With decades of experience in handling all types of criminal matters, whether misdemeanor or felony matters, grand jury investigations, police investigations and whether in state or federal court, we offer experienced criminal defense representation. Robert C. Bonsib, Esq. has 15 years of experience as state and federal prosecutor and for the last 25 years he has concentrated his practice almost exclusively in providing criminal defense representation in state and federal matters.  Bruce L. Marcus, Esq. has over 30 years of experience in defending state and federal criminal matters. Our Greenbelt office is centrally located to all federal and state courthouses from the Maryland-Washington, D.C. metropolitan area to Baltimore.
  • Traffic offenses: Our attorneys regularly offer representation to our clients charged with DUI offenses, facing Motor Vehicle Administration Hearings (MVA), charged with driving while suspended, fleeing and eluding, hit and run charges and other motor vehicle offenses.
  • Business consulting and litigation: Representing businesses and organizations from formation to dissolution and prosecuting and defending civil and business claims, whether in a multi-million dollar dispute or a smaller matter, are matters our business and commercial litigation attorneys handle on a continuing basis.   Our firm has often served in the role of local counsel in the local, state and federal courts for companies and out-of-town firms who need an experienced and local presence in the Maryland state and federal courts.
  • Family law: We offer compassionate and aggressive representation in matters of separation, divorce, child support and child custody as well as presentation in protective order proceedings.
  • Election law: MarcusBonsib, LLC is one of the few firms that can offer experienced legal advice and representation in election law and election contest matters. Bruce L. Marcus, Esq. has frequently represented candidates and elected officials in election law matters. Mr. Marcus successfully represented the governor of Maryland in a week-long contested general election contest and has represented many other elected officials in election contest cases.
  • Professional discipline: Attorneys, physicians and other medical professionals and other professionals facing professional disciplinary matters often seek advice and representation from MarcusBonsib, LLC attorneys and has done so for over twenty years.
  • Construction law: In large and small business and construction disputes, MarcusBonsib, LLC is regularly sought out for advice and litigation assistance in construction law disputes both in the courtroom and in arbitration proceedings.
  • Personal injury: MarcusBonsib, LLC has civil litigation attorneys who have decades of experience in representing injured parties in automobile accidents, medical malpractice cases and a variety of other instances where our clients were injured as a result of the negligence of others.
  • Appellate practice: From the Maryland Court of Appeals and Court of Special Appeals to the District of Columbia Court of Appeals and the United States Courts of Appeal for the Fourth Circuit and the District Court of Columbia, MarcusBonsib, LLC attorneys have and continue to regular appear representing clients with criminal, civil, business, personal injury and a variety of other legal issues in the appellate courts.

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