Maryland, D.C., and Federal Appellate Attorneys

MarcusBonsib, LLC attorneys have extensive experience in both federal and state appellate courts.

We handle matters involving appeals form the district to the circuit courts, appeals to the appellate courts at both the state and federal level, including the Maryland Court of Appeals, the Maryland Court of Special Appeals, the United States Courts of Appeal for the Fourth Circuit and the District of Columbia and the U.S. Supreme Court. Our appellate practice includes:

  • Criminal appeals
  • Civil appeals
  • Business law appeals
  • Family law appeals
  • Appeals to the Circuit Court from District Court proceedings

With over twenty-five years of experience, MarcusBonsib, LLC understands the importance of careful and well-researched brief preparation and the ability to effectively present a focused and persuasive oral argument before the appellate courts.

MarcusBonsib, LLC is often the referral resource for trial attorneys who do not handle appellate matters and are looking for an experienced and well-respected firm to handle important clients' appellate matters.

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