Experienced Representation In Complex Election Law Matters

MarcusBonsib, LLC, partner Bruce L. Marcus, Esq., has been directly and repeatedly involved in some of the most difficult and highly publicized election issues in Maryland for over a decade. As lead counsel for the governor of Maryland in a television trial in which the governor’s re-election victory was contested, Mr. Marcus coordinated a vast army of attorneys and others to successfully protect the incumbent governor’s re-election. He has provided advice to candidates of both parties on election law issues. He was appointed by the president of the Maryland Senate to chair the Committee to Study Campaign Finance Laws.

Over the past two decades, MarcusBonsib, LLC, has represented school board members, county council members, mayors and a variety of others with the legal issues affecting political campaigns and election contests. From campaign administration to campaign financing and the laws pertaining to elections, MarcusBonsib, LLC, attorneys understand the breadth of legal issues that often develop in an election context. Bruce L. Marcus, Esq., has served as general counsel for the Maryland Democratic Party for over a decade.

MarcusBonsib, LLC, attorneys have experience and the resources to provide representation with respect to election law matters, including:

  • Campaign consulting
  • Election fundraising
  • Campaign administration
  • Election contest litigation

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